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Collections Management

Our collection of images, documents, art, books, ephemera, artifacts and reference material continues to grow.  A majority of these items are donated by individuals and families.  The Howat Ceramicsprocess by which we receive, catalog and preserve them is clearly defined in our Collections Management Policy:

Step 1:     careful evaluation to make sure the item(s) reflects our mission

Step 2:     assign a unique identification number and register each item

Step 3:     prepare a detailed listing, known as the Deed of Gift, transferring ownership to the Tottenville Historical Society.  Donor(s) signs and returns one copy.  Gifts may be recorded anonymously.

Step 4:    Lastly, selection of appropriate archival containers for long-term care and storage is made.  Conservation and preservation are key issues.  

We urge you to consider donating items of historical significance to our archival collections.  These artifacts, documents and images are important!  They embody the fabric of our heritage, our history, and the spirit of our town. 

Please contact us today to discuss your plans for making a gift of history.

Note:  The value of your gift is tax deductible.  However, the Society does not provide appraisals.  Items should be documented with a reputable appraiser to determine value prior to donating.   

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