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What Do We Collect?

The collections of the Tottenville Historical Society contain a wide of reference materials, genealogical resources and artifacts --  and some very rare and unique items!  We are proud to be the depository for the largest collection of sculpture made by the former Atlantic Terra Cotta Company. For more information on our collections policy, see Collections Management.   

The following items represent just a portion of our collected resource and reference materials:



  • 1850 Matthew Dripps Map of Staten Island
  • 1853 James Butler Map of Staten Island
  • 1859 H.F. Walling Map of Staten Island
  • 1874 J.B. Beers and Company, Atlas of Staten Island
  • 1887 Beers New Map of Staten Island
  • 1898 E. Robinson & Co. Map of Staten Island
  • 1907 E. Robinson & Co. Atlas of the Borough of Richmond
  • 1917 G.W. Bromley and Co., Borough of Richmond
  • 1930 Sanborn Map Company
  • 1925 Map of Richmond Shores “A Harmon Development”
  • 1909-1913 Borough of Richmond Topographical  Survey Maps
  • 1892 Map of Raritan Bay Park, William Ziegler, Esq.
  • Hagstrom’s Street Maps of Richmond:  1941, c. 1950, 1960, c. 1967, 1970


  • Westfield Staten Island NY Vital Records (1882-1887)
  • Bethel M.E. Church Records, Tottenville (1841-1869 incomplete)
  • Staten Island Gravestone Inscriptions, Vol II, 1925
  • 1855-1865-1875-1915-1925 New York State Census, Staten Island, NY
  • St. Paul’s Methodist Church Records, Tottenville (1876-1890 incomplete)