captured moments .... granny dresses

The year was 1966.  Vietnam. Twiggy. Summer of love. Grateful Dead.  Jefferson Airplane. The Monkees.  And the granny dress! 

The granny  became popular in the 1960s and was "first embraced by the flower-child hippie for its romantic illusions and simple form."  The dress pictured on the left was hand made for an 11 year old and worn often but only for play.  Grannies were not allowed in schools (including P.S. 1 and Tottenville High School).   

By the 1970s, the young girls who wore granny dresses in the '60s were wearing mini-skirts and hot pants.  Do you still have your granny dress, or a vintage picture of it?  (Preferably with you in it!)  Send us your photo and we'll post it here.