Growing Up in the Biddle House - Part VI

Our Boat

My dad thought it might be a good idea to have a small fishing boat. We were right on the water and could moor it out in front of our home. He bought a used, but serviceable, inboard boat which had a cabin and even a small toilet under the front deck. I don’t remember anyone ever using the toilet.

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Growing Up in the Biddle House - Part VII

Joining the Navy and Coming Back Home

In 1958 I graduated High School and joined the Navy, signing up before I was 18. I had enlisted in a program where I would be sent to a trade school for training and then be given an honorable discharge the day before I became 21. It seemed like a good opportunity at the time.

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Growing Up in the Biddle House - Part VIII

Moving On

In 1963 I married my wife Carole who I met at Wagner College. As our family grew it was always a treat for our children and ourselves to visit my parents at 70 Satterlee. We were there almost once per week and our children knew every room and hiding place as I once did. Over the years many great Christmas celebrations were enjoyed around the Christmas tree in the living room. The height of the ceilings provided ample space for some large trees over the years.

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