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The War Years - Vietnam War
  •  Vietnam War

By 1969, there were 540,000 American troops in South Vietnam.  It was not until March 1973 that the last U.S. ground troops came home. The death toll numbers about 58,000; an additional 1,800 were classified as missing in action.

The Vietnam War era was a time of great social upheaval.  It was also the first foreign war where U.S. combat forces failed to accomplish their goals. This hurt the pride of a lot of Americans and left painful memories.

In November 2008, during a solemn ceremony, a monument was dedicated at Tottenville High School for the former students who lost their lives during military service.  It's never too late to remember.   

James R. Hottenroth, '60; Kevin O'Brien, '64; Arthur W. Reinhardt, '64; Louis J. Barbaria, '65; Alan L. Blair, '65; Brian F. Wallace, '65; Robert E. Gulbrandsen, '66; John J. Krol, '66; Michael J. Mitchell, '67