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Thomas P.
House History
"Thank you so much . I have read it over a few times this is great!!! My Mom Dad and Aunt love this as well. Was curious if you could find out the sale prices for the lot and the home? Very interesting that it may have been moved. It seems as if its a mystery...." 

Family History
"Today is June 18, and I have just opened your letter and enclosure!  I am thrilled to see the newspaper article about my relative who died from a fall off a horse in 1937.  That is SO interesting to know the story and the cemetry.  I am up in the interior of BC and had my mail forwarded so that is why I just received your letter.  I thank you EVER so much for keeping in touch with me and I have the same e-mail address.  I will keep in touch with you and please keep my e-mail address if anything else should come.  That is quite wonderful how you had a donation of the scrapbook...some times wthings work out for a reason!  VERY best wishes to you, and many thanks,"  

Carla B.
Family History
"Thank you so much for your helpful information.  I never noticed the 1840 census with Anne Morris.  I think possiblty you may be correct here.  Will follow your links and keep you posted and thank you again for all your hard work!"  

Manuelita F.
"Hello, I am one of the hikers from a hiking group who visited you at 229 Main Street on Saturday, Feb 8 (2014).  I would like to thank you for welcoming our little group and providing us with a wealth of historical information.  I hope to revisit again before you relocate.  Otherwise, I will see you at your new location."