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Hadkins Bottling Co.

The Hadkins Bottling Co., also known as the Hadkins Beverage Co., was founded in Perth Amboy, NJ in 1863 and later moved to Tottenville.   Today, Bocce Court, off Craig Avenue between Johnson Avenue and Main Street, is located on the site.  Early on, the company bottled soda water and ginger ale and later carbonated flavored beverages.  The company closed in 1950 after 87 years.

The Tottenville Historical Society is lucky to have several different styles of Hadkins bottles from different periods.  The bottle shown here is a cap top with a painted label, probably from the late 1930s-1940s.  Bottles from this period are hard to find, especially with original contents.  This bottle came to us half-full.....or, as some would say, half-empty!